I recently helped out with the development of a new website for Tamera, an intentional community dedicated to global peace. The website has gone live, and is a HUGE improvement on their previous website. Check it out here.

Dear carriers and supporters of the Tamera website!

On February 3, our new Tamera website went online finally – after 18 months of hard work. Hallelujah!

The first wave of feedback we received from the community here and our international network has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.
We are proud of this work and, already now, we can say that this project is a success! We’re deeply grateful for the contribution of each one of you, without which this achievement wouldn’t have been possible.

More than 40 people worked actively on the website and another (around) 30 people helped in supporting the website (please see detailed list below).

For us, this was an unprecedented collaboration between community members and (external) professionals. A project of such a dimension and with such a broad support of external supporters was something new for Tamera and could serve a working model for our future projects. We especially want to honor that all of you professionals, who could have spent their name in well-paid jobs, offered your workforce and your commitment so selflessly in service. It was a real gift of love to the vision and work for which we developed the website and it’s incredible that we could build such a high quality website without contracting anyone. This power of commitment, anchored in the heart and the global consciousness, is what really makes miracles possible, as we all could experience together – time and again.

We also want to mention and honor that the process of creating this website was important for Tamera itself. Because as a community we became more and more clear about our position in the movement for global transformation – as a “Peace Research & Education Center.” The clear definition of our research areas and the birth of a new education structure were central outcomes of this process and will strongly determine Tamera in the time to come.

So, once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH… And, for us this is really just the beginning of creating a broader communication strategy for Tamera and the Healing Biotopes Plan. In that sense, we look forward to our future collaboration!

With warm greetings, in solidarity and love,
Andy, Martin & Janni

Jared Gagan Levy

Management & Coordination
Andy Wolfrum (project leader, overall coordination)
Gail Davidson (content management)
Ruth Gordon (translation coordination)laire Quilty (project management support)

Content Writing (English)

Martin Winiecki (head of content, editor-in-chief)
Gail Davidson (writer, content design)
Ruth Gordon (proofreading)
Dara Silverman (content editor & proofreading)
Juliette Baigler (content editor)

Video Production (Trailer)
Ludwig Schramm (production, camera, editing)
Martin Winiecki (script writer)
Rosa Pannitschka (editing assistant)
Vera Kleinhammes (speaker)
Karlito Delacasa (animation)
Firas Sabbagh (pre-production)

Simon du Vinage (chief of imagery, photographer)
Simone Morciano (photographer)
Almut Schmitz (editor imagery)
Bettina Schriever (editor imagery)

Design / Layout
Jörg Appenfelder (head of design)
Jan Regelmann
Naomi Gibb
Julia Vargas
Ben von Stietencron
Julia Roma Müller (support)
Naila v. Mendelssohn (support)
Tom Plucinski (support)

Technical Implementation
Joshua Gottdenker (head of technical department)
Elad Kaspin (implementation of online forms + data transfer)
Manuel Richter (programmer)
Michele Marik (programmer)
Spencer Campbell (programmer)
Shawn Klemmer (front end implementation)

Search Engine Optimization
Ella van Gaya (chief)
Gail Davidson (support)
Ruth Gordon (support)

Monika Alleweldt (translator – German)
Martin Winiecki (content editor – German)
Eva Frank (proofreading – German)
Pedro Campos (translation – Portuguese)
Rui Braga (content editor – Portuguese)

Page Editors
Cameron Phelps (webmaster)
Karlito Delacasa (webmaster)
Andy Wolfrum (page editor)
Ruth Gordon (page editor)
Bettina Schriever (page editor – German)
Beatriz Silva (page editor – Portuguese)
Julia Roma Müller (page editor)
Freya von Wussow (page editor)

Lukas Mauermann (integration of art elements)
Naila v. Mendelssohn (page editor)
Svanja Breithardt (page editor)
Helena Lüdert (page editor)
Johannes Ewig (support writing)
Noa Rotem (proof reading – English)
Yuval Kovo (technical support)

Rosa Pannitschka (coordination)
Jan Bargen (main tester functionality)
Dara Silvermann (main tester content)
Momo Jana Mohaupt
Silvano Rizzi
Neel Shibli
Laure Luciani

Janni Marianne Hentrich
Institute for Global Peacework (IGP)
General Secretary
c/o Tamera Peace Research & Education Center
Monte do Cerro, 7630-392 Reliquias, Portugal
Ph: +351-283 635 484

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