Suzuki Charter School

Suzuki Charter School

Suzuki Charter School wanted a fresh new look for their website, and also wanted a content management system so that they could manage their own frequent site updates.

They engaged a graphic designer to come up with a new design and create the website, but when the project fell behind schedule, they asked Ready?Aim.Succeed! Web Developmentto step in to implement the desired content management system using the new design.

It is my extreme pleasure to provide a testimonial for Michele Marik.

Working in the capacity of website developer, Michele was a consummate professional who shared her positive attitude and diverse technological design and implementation skills with the lucky staff, students and parents within Suzuki Charter School. Michele shared our dream of redesigning our website to allow for Content Management System capabilities. In less than three weeks, our site was fully redesigned and active at to meet our organization’s unique needs.

Consulting within the dynamic school environment allowed Michele to showcase her strong organizational and collaborative abilities. She quickly assessed our needs and dreams and worked with us to develop an implementation plan. To assist our organization, Michele competently updated navigational information and answered queries regarding programming procedures. She efficiently coordinated our web hosting, DNS hosting and transfer, and provided constructive feedback.

Perhaps one of her strongest skills was masterfully bridging the initial understanding of a technological novice to cultivate a confident webmaster with individualized guidance and novice-friendly administrator documentation. She was someone I trusted to complete the project on time with attention to detail. Whether answering a myriad of questions, dealing with a tight timeline, or strategically problem-solving when challenges arose, Michele did it all exceptionally well with experienced insight, thoughtfulness and grace.

Karen Spencer – Principal Suzuki Charter School


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October 15, 2009

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